Individual sessions

Individual sessions are mostly online via Zoom, but may be available in Mount Macedon, an hour out of Melbourne.  They are for one hour and the fee is normally $180. 

TRTP sessions are generally for two hours.  Please enquire about fees. This process works as well on Zoom as in person.


As Helena is a registered Psychologist, you may be eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, which allows you a Medicare rebate, currently $88.25, for a maximum of 10 sessions each year.   Private Health rebates are also available, and Helena is registered as a provider for WorkSafe and TAC clients.

Areas of focus

People often ask Helena what issues she works with.  The answer is that she is more interested in the person as a whole, rather than the labelling and diagnosis of particular states.  However, people do have particular concerns and issues that need to be resolved and eased, and usually come with one, or several, of these:


anxiety, panic, depression, trauma or PTSD, stress, grief, anger, guilt and shame, lack of self-love or self-acceptance, relationship issues, bullying, vocational and career concerns, eating issues, health concerns, issues from childhood, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, parenting issues, life changes, spiritual concerns or the search for meaning in life.



TRTP, Imagery work and the other approaches are appropriate for all of these issues - but TRTP generally works the fastest for many of them.  


Helena’s intention is to provide you with a toolkit that enables you to work with both outer situations and inner emotions and thought processes, so that your life flows with more ease and enjoyment.  


If you wish, she may help you access the ‘awareness space’ within, the state of peace, clarity and light underlying and pervading thought, emotion and action, so that you may learn to live in that presence, even in the midst of the busy and confronting situations we often face today.