Imagery Class


Helena is a certified teacher of Saphire™ work and leads a fortnightly Imagery Class, using visualization exercises mostly developed by Dr Catherine Shainberg of the School of Images, NY. 


Practising these exercises, we learn the language of the imagination for insight and transformation.  When the exercise is read, we look inside and see our own images arise.  We learn to work with them, transforming those that are difficult and moving progressively toward clarity, healing and renewal, towards Light.


Past classes have explored themes such as roles that we play, stress and restoration, and shifting old internal stories. The current series, nearly completed, has been on looking at Tarot, as a representation in visual form of the Western spiritual tradition and the process of psychological development.  It reveals the path, tools, and tests to be encountered and points the way to realization. A new series will start in August 2020.


These classes are open to people who have met with Helena or have attended a workshop with Catherine Shainberg and who are able to come regularly.  The fee is $20.



‘Dream Opening’ Workshops


These are one day workshops held occasionally and provide an opportunity to learn the Saphire™ approach to working with dreams, and to explore the layers of one’s dreams. Not opening our dreams is like not opening a letter sent to us.  They may contain valuable information and guidance for our life.



Imagery Workshops


Held from time to time, these use imagery exercises developed by Catherine Shainberg or by Helena, on various themes, such as self-love, responding to stress, transforming our difficult emotions or developing abundance, to help us to shift to more clarity and freedom in our lives. Helena recently ran a 3 day workshop on Thriving in Uncertain Times:  Using the Power of the Imagination for Positive Change. Further Imagery workshops are planned for 2020.



Please contact Helena if you are interested in attending any of these workshops / classes.


Group Work: classes and workshops 

Workshops with Dr Catherine Shainberg

Catherine conducts a three day workshop in Melbourne when she is able to travel from New York. 

Previous events have been on themes of genealogy (clearing family patterns), relationship, abundance, ‘body of light’, inner child, and the heart-centred way. 

Here is an example: the 2018 workshop was:  



Dates:  Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September 2018


Venue:  Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne


Cost:  $530, Early Bird (by 3 August): $470


Individual half-hour sessions with Catherine:  $150 (these book up quickly), on Monday 1 October, in North Balwyn.

Bookings and further information:  Ring Helena on 0403 013 010 or email:

Workshop Description:

“Time is the element in which we exist. We are either born along with it or drowned by it,” says Joyce Carol Oates. And to hear ourselves speak these days, we are definitely feeling “drowned by it.” Our “constant frenetic pace and anxiety” are the greatest triggers of stress in our lives. Or is it the other way around? Is time is a tyrant compressing our lives and driving us frantic?  We complain we have no time to enjoy our children, our friends, a concert or Nature. Curiously we have far more leisure time than ever before. How to explain this discrepancy between facts and experience?

Cars, planes, washing machines, TVs, computers, smart phones, internet, are all supposed to be saving us time. And yet… The way people explain it to themselves is that time is accelerating. In comparison to what outside factor? Is there a universal clock that can tell us for certain? Or is time purely subjective? What in fact is time?

We will be examining time in its different forms: linear, cyclical, body time, time-space, prophetic and messianic time, history and myth time, memory, time travel, time and physics; and the fact that change and the speed of change are overtaking our ability to adapt to them. We had thirty years to get used to the idea of cars or planes. Today radical change comes at us so fast our minds cannot absorb the change fast enough. Our societies, our laws and regulations lag behind. 

The challenge starts with each one of us. Can we consciously quicken our vibrations to reach the speed of light? Can we activate the quantum level of dreaming to contract Time or expand it at will? There are simple ways of doing this. This weekend is about grabbing the bull by the horns and becoming masters at handling that most elusive of forces, Time itself.


For further information on Catherine's workshops, which are held around the world, see: